Deutscher Ruderverein "Germania" Sonderburg


Welcome to "Germania" - the German rowing club in Sønderborg!


We belong to the German minority in the southern part of Denmark and offer rowing to many groups of different ages as well as different skills.


We offer rowing to everybody interested in our sport, with the additional benefit of being able to improve their skills in speaking German.


Have you rowed before, just join our open rowing times on Monday or Wednesday around 19h and we‘ll find the right group for you. (full schedule of training times)


Beginners please contact us before joining in:

Susanne (German/English/Danish) 28 15 03 86 or Günther (Danish/German) 40116304

or here via online form


A heartfelt WELCOME to everybody!

Vi ses i klubben!

Bis dann am Bootshaus!


Flyer in English

Poster in English






Verdens Ende 4

6400 Sonderburg/Sønderborg